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University of Waterloo
BIOL 130
Dragana Miskovic

Biology Lecture 1 The Cell Theory: Brief History Robert Hooke 1635-1703 - First microscope - Viewed slices of cork ‘cellula’ little rooms Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek 1632-1723 - Worked with glass -> huge improvement in quality of lenses, and nearly 300x magnification then became possible - He was the first to observe o Single celled organisms called ‘animalcules’  Protists from pond water  Bacteria from his mouth  ‘Father of microbiology’  Blood cells  Banded pattern in muscle cells  Sperm from … - However, progress was stalled for a century or so, o This was because we had a limited resolving power o And we had emphasis more on description than explanation - 1830’s came up with the compound microscope o Improved magnification and resolution o And allowed the visualization of objects that were less than 1microns - Beginnings of Cell Theory 1933 Robert Brown (Botanist) - jnoticed that every plant cell contained a round structure, a ‘kernel’ and called it a nucleus 1838 Matthias Schleiden (botanist) - all plant tissues are composed of cells - embryonic plant always arose from a single cell 1839 Theodor Schwann (Zoologist) - similar observations in animal cells o recognition of structural similaties, btw plants and animals! - Cell Theory was formulated by Schwann Cell Theory - All organisms consist of one or more cels - The cell is the basic uni of structure for all organisms Added 20 Years Later - all cells airse only from pr-existing cells Fa
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