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Biol130 - Unit1 Intro to the Cell Lecture Notes.pdf

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BIOL 130
Todd Holyoak

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Unit 1September22131119 AMthBiol 130 Week of Sept 9Cytology Light compound microscopyCell History First microscope Stained unstained cellsRobert Hooke Viewed slices of cork cellulaFluoresence microscopy Electron microscopy SEM TEMGlass inc magnificationAntoni Van Leeuwenhoek Observed animacules protists bacteria blood cells sperm Father of microbiologyAfter a centurycompound microscope inc magnification resolutionCan seeAtomsMolecules OrganellesCells Cell Theory HistoryScientific Method Robert Brown Noticed nucleus kernelFact science current understanding based on observations and experimentsvalid until proved wrong or improvedMatthias Schleiden plant cellObservations Hypothesis Theodor Schwann animal cell PredictionsCell theory formedControlled experiments Analyze resultsCell Theory All organisms have one or more cells Theory Hypothesis tested critically Law theory that is Cell is the basic structural unit of life widely accepted by most scienti
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