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Biol130 - Unit 5 Gene Expression Lecture Notes.pdf

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BIOL 130
Todd Holyoak

Unit 5DNA replication repair genetic recombination Central DogmaMany other genes code for RNA molecules but mRNA is the only one that codes for protein undergoes translationOther rnas are used forDNA information storageRegulation of transcriptionProcessing of mRNA before translationTransport AAsTranscriptionTranslationCatalyze the formation of peptide bonds RNA information carrierTranslationProtein active cell machineryTranscriptionCatalyzed by RNA polymeraseFunctions of RNA polymeraseRead DNATemplate strand one strand of DNA is transcribedCatalyze phosphodiester bonds at active siteNontemplate coding strand strand that matches RNA replacing T with UMove along DNA moleculePull DNA strands apartSTARTHoloenzyme has 2 protein componentsENDCore enzymeSynthesizes RNA and sigma factorHow does transcription endDURINGRNA polymerase reaches STOP codonAfter transcription has begun sigma detachesSigma factorRNA folds itself into hairpin shapeDetermines start of transcription begins when sigma factor Hairpin stops transcriptionPromoters are asymmetricbinds to 10 and 35 boxesRNA polymerase separates from RNA transcriptBinds polymerase in one directionRecognizes promoter sequence on nontemplate DNA strand Detached sigma factor rebinds to RNA polymeraseBuilt 5 to 3through boxes promoter regions Which strand of DNA binds depends on gene where it finds the promoter regionDifferent types of sigma proteins which bind to diff promoter sequencesOpens helix for transcription to beginPromoter regions10 box10 bases ups
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