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Biol130 - Unit7 Intracellular Transport Lecture Notes.pdf

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BIOL 130
Todd Holyoak

Unit 7Evolution of inner membrane in eukaryotesTransport through nuclear pores1Used to have no internal membranesPlasma membrane invaginated surrounding the DNA that was attached to the plasma membraneNucleus has a double membrane nuclear envelopeMitochondria and chloroplasts evolved from endosymbiont theory Unit 1Filled with nuclear poresNuclear pore complex gate through which molecules enter or Organization within the eukaryotic cell isnt random exitCytoskeleton is important for shape movement Unit 1Composed of many protein subunitsSignal sequences of AA direct proteins to the ER and proteins without signal sequence are destined for the cytosolProtein fibres stick out from both sides of the complexIf the signal sequence is removed from ER protein and added to cytosolic protein due to recombination the Small molecules freely pass passiveprotein will end up in a random place in the cellLarger molecules need active transport req ENuclear localization signal AA sequence that tags Protein sorting transfer of proteins into compartments where they are neededa protein for import by nuclear
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