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Lecture 2

BIOL 150 - Week 2 Lecture Notes

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BIOL 150
Rebecca Rooney

September 16 2013Lecture 4Winds push Evaporation clouds over and Snow over landProperties and Distribution of WaterCondensation mountainsover the oceanHydrologic Cyclewater cycles around the globe among Small streams 18 gramsyearreservoirs10run down the the goal of water is to end up in the ocean mountainagainRivers rates of cycling can differthrough residence time capacity of reservoir to landOceanhold water measure as the ow rate Estuariesthrough the reservoirstable and slow ocean ice capsdynamic atmospheres riversGlobal DistributionGroundwaterover 71 of earth is covered by water975 saltwater 25 freshwaterless than 1 freshwater is available for humansprivatization of waterunequal distribution of water leads to political and social water scarcityissuesagriculture consumes most of the water in CanadaPropertiesdensest at 4 degrees celsiusice oatsinsulates lakelight attenuationintensity of light declines with water depthwater absorbs different spectra at different ratesblue goes deepest why we see ocean as blue red light is absorbed right away green and purple are in the middleland plants are green aquatic plants are orange brown or redsolubility of gasesall organisms need O for respiration plants need CO for photosynthesis22less concentration on landsolubility declines with temperaturesh killssummer sh die because there is not enough oxygen due to temperature solubility in the waterwinter oxygen is used up under the ice and no new oxygen can diffuse into the water results from the balance between the force of gravity acting on the object and the buoyancydensity of the uid it oats inbecause of oating plants are able to grow in the water without so much structural supportpolarity water polar due to shapedipole easily dissolves ionic compounds water sticks to itselfpositive ends to negative endscohesion water sticks to polar surfacesadhesioncombination of cohesion and adhesion allows plants to grow on landcreates capillary action sucks up water through the xylem Transpiration of water through cells stoma creates a negative pressure gradient atmospheric and root pressure drive water into root hairssurface tension due to cohesion of similar moleculesparticles in the bulk of liquid are pulled in all directions of intermolecular forces Particles on the surface are then pulled from below but not from above This unbalanced force is the surface tension4
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