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BIOL 150
Rebecca Rooney

Ecological Land Classification System OntarioSeptember2613741 PMGoal Identify recurring ecological patterns on landscape to reduce complex natural variation to reasonable number of meaningful unitsSystem for getting consistent description identification classification and mapping of ecological land unitsDistinct ecological areas identified by geology topography soils vegetation climate Biomes are coarse broad classificationspecies anthropogenic human activity factors that influence biotic composition or Almost all of ON is Boreal forest but highly diverseecosystem processes within a unitThus ON has its own ecological land classification systemHierarchal HistoryEcozonesContinuous improvementEcoregions1950s Created by Angus Hills research scientist holistic and ecological approach to land use Ecodistricts planning focused on ecoregion ecodistrictSame time efforts by Rowe1990s revisions by Burger based on vegetation succession patternsPlus 3 smaller elements2000 revised with new geographic info technology Ecosection composed ofEcosites with similarEcoelementLand formTopographySubstrate and vegetation typesSurface materialSubstarteCan occur in multiple ecosites VegetationHydrologyecodistricts based on comb of EcozonesOld growthVegetationvegetation soilRoad access Species at riskMapp
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