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BIOL 150
Rebecca Rooney

Chapter 9Life HistoryLifetime pattern of growth development and reproductionHow to invest your resources to maximize fitnessIndividuals in a population share strategies Types of ReproductionAsexual offspring are genetic clones of parentBenefitsExamples Adaptation to current conditionsFission bacteria split in twoRapid pop Growth Budding grows on parent then separatesCostsLow variabilityParthenogenesis eggs appear in parent without matingVegetative reproduction mitosis apomixisSexualBenefitsMeiosis fertilizationPortfolio effect genetic diversity minimizes entire populations risk to changing More genetic variationenvironmentMore genes for natural selection to act onSome species alternate bw sexual and asexual reprod based on environmental cuesCostsTakes time and energy if resources scarce season shortModes of Sexual ReproductionAnimalsusually unisexual Unisexual separate male and female individualsSimultaneously hermaphroditic have both male and female organs at the same timeHermaphroditic individual has both male and female organsSequentially hermaphroditic when male is gone female changes to maleto replace himIn plantsUnisexualdioeciousHermaphroditicBisexual flowers with both male and female organsMating Systems in PlantsMonoecious separate male and female flowers on same plantOutcrossing reproductive fertilization pollen from one indv Fertilizes the otherAutogamy self fertilizationApomixis unfertilized seedsMating Systems in AnimalsCombination of these are commonMon
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