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BIOL 150
Rebecca Rooney

Chapter 7Reproductive isolationWhen diverging populations cant reproduce SpeciationCaused BySympatric speciationevolution of a new speciesDue to disruptive selectionGene flow reduced causing divergence to two speciesWithout geographic isolation Divergence caused by migration natural selection genetic driftPolymorphismAdaptive radiationPatchy habitat One species results in multiple species exploiting diff parts of the environment gradient of species More than one distinct form of phenotype in a populationCan cause speciation if has effect on reproduction Ecological speciationType of sympatric speciationHydridization Change in traits morphology behavior timing due to natural selectionWhen two species meetDue to divergent natural selectionThey can be too genetically distinct that they cannot breed reinforcement Offspring not fitAllopatric speciationSometimes they can mate successfully Geographic separation of population with no movement in betweenCan reverse speciation Cant interbreed if they meet againCan create new speciesOccurs a lot in plants 70 bc reproduce asexuallySympatric vs AllopatricPolypoidyMultiplication of chromosome numberSimilaritiesCant reverse speciationFormation of new species via reproductive isolationDue to spontaneous doubling after fertilization union of unreduced gametesWhen natural selection creates geneti
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