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BIOL 165
Kirsten Muller

Biol 165 Diversity of Life 1 IntroductionThe Earth is 45 byoEarly cellular life at4bybpProkaryotes evolved 35 bybp o they were the only form of life for2byrsEukaryotes evolved15 bybp o multicellular organism057 bybp570 kybp o plants colonized045 bybp o Large animals like Dinosaurs evolved200mybp02bybp o First Modern Humans appeared 200 kybpHypothesis on Origin of Life on Earth sterile Earthprebiotic synthesis of organic moleculespolymerization of nucleotides to for RNAsselfreplicating RNAsinclusion of RNA in simple lipoprotein vesiclesearly protocellular life RNA as coding and catalytic molecules DNA replaces RNA as coding molecule DNA to RNA to Protein Modern cellular life This process admittedly requires big jumps from self replicating RNA that codes for nothing to RNA that codes for proteins that catalyze the replication of RNAOrigins of Free OxygenEarth lost its primary atmosphere of H2 and He earlyThe atmosphere developed from volcanic gases that were reduced by anaerobes and chemotrophs which were dominantPhotosynthetic cyanobacteria evolved and introduced more elevated levels of O2 as a byproduct of their photosynthetic processes and activityoxygenating and aerobes became dominantEukaryotes evolved15bybp including photosynthetic plantsthis probably contributed to the continued increase of O2 in the atmosphere
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