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BIOL 165
Kirsten Muller

Biol  165  –  Diversity  of  Life   Domain Eukaryota Introduction • Includes 4 Kingdoms: o Protoctista (Protista) o Plantae o Fungi (Eumycota) o Animalia (Metazoa) • Protoctistans are a very diverse group and is paraphyletic • Plantae, Fungi, and Animalia are monophyletic • There are 6 main Supergroups in domain Eukaryota o Chromalveolata o Rhizaria o Excavata o Amoebozoa o Plantae o Opisthokonta Organelles of Eukaryotes • Nucleus o has a double membrane (nuclear envelope). o outer membrane connects to ER o contains chromatin (DNA+protein) o usually a nucleolus involved in protein synthesis • Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) o Is a network of interconnected membranes on which lipids and proteins are synthesized. o Rough ER has ribosomes used for protein synthesis o Smooth ER lacks ribosomes, and is the site of lipid synthesis. • Golgi Complex o consists of flattened membranes o mediate the modification, sorting, and transport of proteins. o it receives proteins from the RER by transport vesicles, which in turn can be sent to the cell membrane from vesicles and exit as secretions. • Cytoskeleton o a delicate and organized network of protein filaments Biol  165  –  Diversity  of  Life   o acts to anchor organelles, and often their transport around the cell o give the cell its shape o consists of microtubules and microfilaments … Later evolved organelles, or organelles that were the result of secondary capture through an endosymbiotic event: • Mitochondria o is the energy factory of the cell o has a double membrane, a result of a primary(one) endosymbiotic event.
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