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BIOL 165
Kirsten Muller

Biol 165 Diversity of Life 20130421 924 PMALGAEIntroductionEukaryotic Algae are members of the Kingdom ProtoctistaCyanobacteria is a Prokaryotic bacterial Algae and part of the Domain Bacteria NOT EukaryotaPhotoautotrophs fix carbon by photosynthesis using Chlorophyll and accessory pigments to convert solar energy into chemical usable energy o often the accessory pigments are used to classify groupsAlgae were once grouped with Kingdom PlantaeAlgae and the term are polyphyletictheir host cells for chloroplasts belong to different supergroups of protistsThe Chloroplast of Algae originated from an endosymbiotic cell of a prokaryote Cyanobacteriao 3 Phyla evolved from primary capture of a cyanobacteria with a chloroplastit has 2 membranes around the chloroplast o All other Phyla acquired their chloroplast through secondary capture events involving a red algaechloroplasts have 3 or more membranes o Algae can range in size from small unicellular organisms to colonial etcLife cycles can often include asexual and sexual phases and show alteration of generationsRed AlgaePhylum Rhodophyta o 56k species o unicellular to filamentouspseudoparenchymatous forms o some encrusted with calcium carbonate o Most are marine some freshwater few terrestrial o Chlorophyll aphycoerythrin and phycocyanin accessory pigments
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