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Set 17: Eukaryotes Enzymes, parts of promoters, Basal factors, TBPs, Enhancers & Repressors, how they work, Gene Silencing.

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Christine Dupont

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Set 17: Eukaryotes
Eukaryotes generally don’t organize genes into operons.
RNA Polymerases recognize specific promoters
RNA Polymerase II does the transcribing.
Core promoter: absolutely required for initiation of
Promoter Region consists of:
TAATA box is -30 position and not same sequence
(remember -10 position in prokaryotes)
CAT Box -100 position
GC Box -200 position
(See slide 8)
Enhancer: regulatory site
Basal Factors: required for binding to the promoter to
maintain a basal level of transcription. They bind to the
core promoter.
One Basal factor is called TBP = TATAT binding protein
TBP comes in, binds to promoter, TAFs (TATAT binding
protein association factors) bind
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