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BIOL 239
Christine Dupont

Set 112 The WatsonCrick model of DNA replicationDNA is replicated through the semiconservative model The replication process is based on Watson and Cricks model of two strands Each of those two parent strands blue ribbons become templates for the new strands orange ribbonsdirection of synthesis is 5 to 3 on one strand 3 end is extended up The other side is 5 to 3 with 3 being extended up againthey also knew fidelity had to be maintained when you copy DNA Think about mitosis you dont want to introduce mutations at a high level because itll be detrimental You wont get duplicated cells if you knock a gene out Therefore replication must be identicalthere had to a way to copy this molecule this exact or close to it3 The WatsonCrick model of DNA replicationThis model proposed a mechanism whereby DNA replication is semiconservative in daughter molecules one strand is conserved from the parental molecule and the other is newly synthesized4 Three possible models of DNA replicationthere are three hypotheses on how this molecule could get copiedno one knew how for sure that these things were happening They were just proposedconservative parent strands give rise to two new strandsdispersive old chunks are replaced with new chunks in the new strands creating combinationswe needed evidence pointing to one modelfind a way of differentially labelling the two strands and tracking them through the generationsby the second generation you can see theyll produce a new pattern5 Experimental proof of semiconservative replication1958Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl know these namesStudies with controlled isotopic composition of nucleotides incorporated into daughter DNA strands
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