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Set 171 gene regulation in eukaryotes2 Prokaryotes can organize their genes into operons polycistronic mRNA that is controlled with a switchEukaryotesgenerally do not do thisWHYWhen starting translation in eukaryotes the ribosome looks for the cap small subunit It will scan along and hit an AUG start codon to translate It will keep going until it hits a stop codon When it hits the stop codon the polypeptide will fall off So what about gene 2 or 3 polycistronic It should find the cap and do the same thing again Youll only get the first protein made though It wont be able to find the other proteins Eukaryotes dont have ShineDalgarno sequences for gene 2 and gene 3 They only recognize the cap Eukaryotes cant translate polycistronic mRNAs and cannot set their genes up as operons 3 Generally transcription in eukaryotes is very similar to that in prokaryotes The Control of transcription is much more complex4 how cisacting and transacting factors affect transcriptionno operon but eukaryotes have enhancer elements distant from the geneEnhancer sequence must also be bound by transcription factors proteins produced by their own genes off their own mRNAs 5 In eukaryotes three RNA polymerases transcribe different sets of genesBacteria have one binds sigma factor6 proteinencoding structural genes are transcribed by RNA polymerase II
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