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BIOL 239
Christine Dupont

Set 196 classes of DNA mutationsSubstitution17 Evolution adaptation vs mutation18 Mutations are chance occurrences modifying the genome1943Salvador Luria and Max Delbruck before DNA structure was resolved used Ecoli and bacteriophage T1 they replicate quickly so you get results fast to test hypotheses regarding the mechanisms responsible for appearance of a new phenotypeLuriaDelbruck Jackpot fluctuation testPhage will usually kill all the bacteria but some will survive somewhat resistant like for antibioticsDo they adapt because theyre exposed to the phage or is the resistance already there19 know this experiment and the scientists who performed it20 the LuriaDelbruck experimentSet up small vials of bacterial culture and let them grow for a specified amount of time then add equal portions of each culture to plates containing media along with phage selective agentPredicted that most will die but some will live Whats the mechanism though Active adaptation or were they already resistant to the phage from before28 Mutationsmistakes in DNA occur at a low frequency all the timenatural processes of deamination UV light errors by DNA polymeraseMutagens induce mutationsany physical or chemical agent that raises that frequency of mutations above the spontaneous rateEx X rays base analogs intercalatorsEx ethidium bromide29 Processes which can change the information stored in DNASubstitution30 Processes which can change the information stored in DNA Deamination with nitrous oxide
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