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Josh Neufeld

Fundamentals of Microbiology Biology 140 Course notes Dr Josh D Neufeld Topic 5 Nutritional Needs and Culturing of Microbes Learning Objectives Following this topic you should have an understanding of how bacteria are cultured and the difference between defined and complex growth media You should also appreciate the mechanism of cell division in bacteria Before we learn about cell growth it is necessary to briefly consider metabolism and nutrition For cells to grow they must convert chemical compounds into cellular matter Nutrients from outside the cell are transformed into new cell material This process is called anabolism or biosynthesis The cell requires energy for biosynthesis as well as for other processes eg transport motility Energy is often derived from the oxidation of chemical compounds in a process called catabolismWe will not cover Chapter 4 in detail at this point in the course Many of you will already be familiar with some of the material in Chapter 4 from some other courses Please review this material if needed The first diagram in the lecture slides presents a simplified overview
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