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Josh Neufeld

Fundamentals of Microbiology Biology 140 Course notes Dr Josh D Neufeld Topic 13Learning ObjectivesIn this lecture we will consider how life on Earth might have originated how eukaryotes might have evolved from prokaryotes and how to measure how organisms are related through evolutionHow did life originate on a sterile Earth As we have discussed in earlier lectures microorganisms were the first organisms to arise on Earth and have been present on Earth for much of its history Microorganisms have been around for at least 38 billion of the 46 billion years since the Earth was formed Multicellular eukaryotic organismsmetazoans have evolved comparatively recently and have been around for less than 1 billion years The atmosphere of the early Earth was quite different than the present atmosphere It was the physiology of the existing microorganisms that created the environmental conditions conducive to the rise of multicellular organisms which then evolved from microorganismsConditions on early Earth little O reducing atmosphere 2 significant amounts of H0 CH CO N NH 24223 temperature 100Cenergy input from various sources including UV lightIt has been shown experimentally that UV irradiation of gaseous mixt
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