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University of Waterloo
BIOL 273
Norman Scott

A n a to m yo fS k el et alM u s cle Cells and Cell Products Forming Skeletal Muscle 1) M- muscle fibres bundled up in muscle fascicles - muscle fascicles bundled up into skeletal muscle 2) Blood vessels 3) Nerve 4)Co- surrounds each, muscle fascicle, muscle cell(fiber), - as is the entire muscle = connective tissue is one unit, becomes tendons at the end of the muscle which connects the muscle to bones - connective tissue made mostly of collagen(tough, dense fiber) and elastin Musclecellstructure - most of muscle cell contains contractile cytoskeletal elements myofibrils - myofibrils are collection of contractile filaments that bring about muscle contraction - sacroplasmic reticulum (SR) surrounds each myofibril reticulum, connect to the cell's membrane. run from surface of cell down to the center. - form bands around sacroplasmic reticulum - mitochondria: provides energy (ATP) Myofilaments - Myofibrils contain two types of contractile filaments: 1) Thin filaments: commonly found inside cells that are part of cytoskeleton) strung tgt like beads, so twon strands of beads wind tgt to make a thin filament 2) T- only have one kind of protein = Myosinmolecule (golf-club looking, with two heads) - take a large no. of those golf-clubs/hockey sticks (myosin molecules) of all diff. lengths bundled tgt, so all the shafts are in contact and in parallel and all those heads are si
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