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Chapter 8 textbook material only chapter 8 textbook material only

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University of Waterloo
BIOL 273
Katherine Wood

Unit 2NeurophysiologyChapter 8 Neurons Cellular and Network PropertiesEmergent properties o Complex processescannot be predicted from what we know about an individual nerve cellConsciousnessIntelligence EmotionORGANIZATION OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM NS Neurons Carry Electrical SignalsNeuronfunctional unit of NSo Smallest unit that can carry out the function of the systemEfferent neurons o Autonomic division Have enlarged regions along axonvaricositiesStore and release neurotransmitterNeurons are bundled together to form nerves that extend from CNS o May carry afferent signals onlysensory o May carry efferent signals onlymotor o Or in both directionsmixed nervesAxons carry out signals to the target o Axon does not have ER or ribosomesProteins must be transferred to the axonaxonal transportSlow axonal transportmoves material by cytoplasmic axoplasmic flow from cell body to axon terminal o Used for enzymes and cytoskeleton componentsnot consumed rapidlyFast axonal transportmoves organelles o Uses stationary microtubules as tracks to move organellesUses motor proteins o Two directionsForward anteriogradfrom cell body to axon terminalBackward retrogradefrom axon terminal to cell body for recycling Glial Cells Provide Support for Neurons
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