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Unit 4 - Cardiovascular System

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BIOL 273
Vivian Dayeh

4a Overview of the Cardiovascular System and the Heart 4a 1 Role of the Cardiovascular System A Multicellular Organism The problem with being multicellular is that you are very bigDiffusion wont work Only the surface layer is in contact with environment We require from the environment Nutrients Oxygen Rate of diffusion of oxygen and nutrients is limited by distance Overcome this diffusion limitation by Cardiovascular system for transport of substances throughout the body Everything from signalling molecules to oxygen Transported by flow of blood through circulatory system Bulk flow rather than diffusion Bulk flow path that blood takes throughout the body Cardiovascular system solves problem of distance for bigger organisms B Materials TransportedFrom the external environment to tissues Nutrients Water 70of body Gases especially O 2Between tissues of body Wastes from metabolism etc Nutrients Hormones Coordinate homeostasis From tissues to external environment Metabolic wastes Gases especially CO 2Carbon dioxide is a byproduct of metabolism Heat Transferred through the body via the cardiovascular system Eg When limbs get red and warmer Major material transported Oxygen Man cells absolutely require oxygen to survive Lack of oxygen causes irreparable damage Brainmost oxygen dependent organ in human body It doesnt take long for lack of oxygen to cause brain damage 510 seconds of interrupted blood flowloss of consciousness 510 minutes of interrupted blood flowpermanent brain damage4a 2 Components of the Cardiovascular System pg 464466 A Components Heart see 4a3 in notespump Important When contracts causes increase in pressure to pump blood Blood vessels see 4d2 in notesvasculature Network of pipes
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