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BIOL 302
Bruce Wolff

Lab #1 Epithelium 1. How many cell layers are there? a) simple (basally located) b) 2 or more = stratified 2. What shape are the cells ? a) flat with bulging nuclei, hard to see cell boundaries in cross-section = squamous b) square looking (cell not taller than width) = cuboidal c) rectangular shape (cell taller than wide) 3. Are there any apical modifications? a) fuzzy looking, short, different shade than rest of cell = microvilli (brush border) b) longer (more than half the height of the nucleus with visible spaces between cell protrusions = cilia) Apical modification - very long, more sparse, messy = look tangled = stereocilia - KERATIN can be found on some stratified squamous epithelium and looks like layer of dead cells Characteristics of different epithelial a) simple squamous - one cell layer - never has a surface modification b) simple cuboidal - one cell layer - nuclei round and in center of cell c) simple columnar - one cell layer - can have microvilli,
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