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BIOL 302 – Blood and Blood Vessels

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University of Waterloo
BIOL 302
Mungo Marsden

BIOL 302 – Histology – Tissues: Blood and Blood Vessels Blood Cells Functions:  Transport: gases, nutrients, leukocytes, hormones  Homeostasis: temperature, fluid content, pH, salt  Wound healing: clot formation, tissue remodeling (scarring) Composition  Plasma: o Aqueous o Exchange between tissue fluid and intracellular fluid o Proteins  Transport: albumin, globulins  Clotting: fibrinogen  Antibodies  Blood cells: o Erythrocytes (red blood cells) o Leukocytes (white blood cells)  Neutrophils  Basophil  Eosinophil  Lymphocyte  Monocyte o Platelets Erythrocytes  No nucleus or organelles  Specialized for gas transport – high in hemoglobin to bind oxygen  Frisbee shaped to maximize surface area Leukocytes  Immune response – travel through blood then migrate into tissue  Granulocytes o Visible secretory granules o Multilobed nuclei o Names stemmed from staining  Neutrophil (neutral stain)  Basophil (dark blue stain)  Eosinophil (red granule stain)  Agranulocytes o Secretory vesicles not visible o Single nuclei  Lymphocyte  Monocyte Neutrophils  Granulocyte  Multi-lobed nucleus  Neutral staining granules  Pale background Eosinophils  Bi-lobed nucleus  Granulocyte  Red-staining granules Basophils  Bi-lobed nucleus (can’t see)  Granulocyte  Hard to see granules – dark blue/purple staining Lymphocytes  Agranulocyte  Nucleus fills most of cell  T-cells and B-cells (antibodies) Monocytes  Agranulocyte  Kidney bean shaped nucleus  Blue/grey cytoplasm Platelets  Fragments of megakaryocyte  First line in clotting  Look like purple junk Circulatory System Composition:  Heart  Vascular system  Lymphatic system Blood Vessels  Tunica intima: endothelium, loose CT  Tunica media: smooth muscle  Tunica adventitia: supporting layer  Vasa vasorum: large vessels have own blood vessels Arteries  Function: distribute blood from heart to tissues – away from heart  Systole: heart contracts, arteries expands  Diastole: heart relaxes, arteries contract  Have large tunica media – smooth muscle regulates pressure  Three types: 1. Elastic Arteries o Close to heart, acts as a buffer o Tunica intima o Tunica media: thi
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