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BIOL 302 – Respiratory System

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BIOL 302
Mungo Marsden

BIOL 302 – Respiratory System Function:  Provides oxygen, removes carbon dioxide – gas exchange  Intimate relationship with circulatory system.  Get gases inside body to get to sites of exchange.  How we smell, pH regulation, how we talk/communication.  Respiratory Tract o Upper tract: nasal/oral cavity, larynx, trachea, primary (main) bronchi o Lower tract (lungs): bronchi, bronchioles, respiratory bronchioles, alveolar ducts, alveoli  Lungs: Asymmetric – three lobes on right side (upper, lower, medial); two on left Nasal cavity: o Pharynx - nasal + oral cavity o Lined respiratory epithelium - simple stratified squamous near front of nasal cavity. o Entrance and filtration of air. Secrete mucous to trap dust. Moisturizes air and warms it to facilitate gas exchange.  Respiratory Epithelium: ciliated (to move mucous) pseudostratified epithelium + goblet cells (to trap particles)  Larynx: Easy to recognize - shaped like a cross. Responsible for speech - vibrating tissues (folds in larynx). Two different epithelium, can see junction between them - esophagus (stratified squamous) and trachae (ciliated pseudostratified) Airways:  Single tracheae  2 primary bronchi  5 secondary bronchi  tertiary bronchi  Trachea o Larynx (cross-like structure) opens into trachea. o Mucosa consists of psuedostratified epithelium, lamina propria; submucosa with glands and blood vessels; c-shaped hyaline cartilage rings; adventitia. o Upper part of tissue is in neck - dense irregular connective tissue  Primary bronchus: o Trachea branches left and right into 2 primary bronchus. o Upper part - nice psuedostratified epithelium, as you go deeper if becomes
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