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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 - Genetic Recombination - BIOL308.pdf

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University of Waterloo
BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

Lecture 14DNA Rearrangement by Genetic RecombinationRecombinationexchange of genetic material between two DNA molecules causes DNA rearrangementRolesuses depends on whowhat is causing it biological and experimentalBiological Rolesof Genetic RecombinationDNA repair1Creation of new geneallele combinations through crossing over during meiosis2Formation of new genes eg Immunoglobulin rearrangement3Integration of a specific DNA element4Experimental Uses of RecombinationGene mappingdistance between genes estimated through recombination frequency1Making transgenic cells and organisms2Three types of Genetic RecombinationGeneral or homologous recombination1Genetic exchange between a pair of homologous DNA sequencesSitespecific recombination2Occurs between sequences with a limited stretch of similarityInvolves specific sites recombination sitesTransposition3Mobile DNA element moves from one site to another donor and target site usually little sequence similarity involvedGeneral or Homologous RecombinationGenetic exchange between a pair of homologous DNA sequences1Between two copies of the same chromosomesister chromatidesaMostly in DNA repair in both prokaryotes and eukaryotesBetween homologous chromosomesbcrossing over during meiosisDNA repair in eukaryotesModel for homologous recombination ss breakKey steps in ss break modelAlignmentof two homologous DNA molecules1Introduction of the breakin one strand of each homolours DNA2Strand invasionss reagion from one of the parental strands pairs with the complementary strand from 3the homologous DNA moleculeOutcome two molecules become connected through crossing DNA strandsCross structure Holliday JunctionMovement of Holliday Junction 4Branch migrationCleavage of Holliday Junction5Resolution NOTES FROM LECTURES Page 1
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