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Lecture 25 - Control of Transcription - BIOL308.pdf

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Bruce Wolff

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Lecture 25How is transcription initiation influencedifferent molecular mechanismsDirect influence of TFs on assembly of initiation complexesreview1TFs help recruitment of GTFsInteractions of TFs with modulator complex coactivators or corepressors each other ligandspromote or prevent binding of GTFsTFs form enhancesomes action from the distance on binding of GTFsTFs cause architectural changes in DNA in order to promote binding of other GTFsPresence and role of insulatorsTFs regulate changes in chromatin structureremodeling and control histone actylation and deacetylationreview2Concentration and activites of TFsare regulated during cell differentiation and in response to hormones and signals from 3other cells cell signalingProtection of active gene promoters from methylation4And methylation of promoters of genes that shouldnt be activeDifferent Molecular Mechanisms for Control of Transcription InitiationDirect influence of TFs on assembly of initiation complexes1Recruitment of GTFsEukaryotes RNAP not directly recruited TFs act through contact with GTFCoActivatorsCertain TFs need their own coactivator proteinProtein which is not in direct contact with DNA but connects TF with GTFsExamplecAMP response element binding protein CREB binds to cAMP response element CRE and activates associated genes by binding to CREB binding protein CBP which interacts with basal complexCBP is not limited to cAMP responsive genesIt has multiple functions eg Has acetyltransferase activityInteractionsIn general TFs interact with each other or ligands those interactions promote or prevent binding of GTFsInteractions involving repressor proteins NOTES FROM LECTURES Page 1
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