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Lecture 30 - Translation - BIOL308.pdf

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BIOL 308
Bruce Wolff

Lecture 30Translation translational machineryTranslationprocessing or mRNA into a polypeptideprotein mediated by ribosomesRNA carries out instructions encoded by DNAmRNA carries genetic information from DNA in the form of codonstRNA translates mRNA codeEach amino acid has its own tRNABinds to mRNA due to codonanticodon complementarityrRNA associates with proteins to form ribosomeswhich catalyze the assembly of protein chainstRNAModifications after synthesisDdihydrouridineI inosineT thymine pseudouridinem methyl groupFirst sequence of tRNA molecule reported in 19657393 nucleotidesUnusual bases disruption of H bonds in the region potential recognition site for enzymes and formation of L shape of tRNA genesper haploid genome62 in Ecoli300 in yeast600 in drosophila8000 in xenopusTransfer RNA tRNA synthesissplicingRecallsynthesis by RNAPIII internal promotersFinal molecules are processed from primary RNA transcripts pretRNAtRNA splicing in yeastRequires successive cleavage and ligation reactions272 nuclear tRNA genes59 of them are interrupted single intronNo consensus sequence to be recognized by splicing enzymesSplicing depends on recognition of common secondary structure in tRNAPlants amphibians animals also have interrupted tRNA genesNOTES FROM LECTURES Page 1
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