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Lecture 13

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BIOL 354
Bruce Greenberg

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BIOL354Environmental Toxicology I Spring 2012Lecture 13Biochemical and Physiological Effects of ChemicalsPart I Inorganic PollutantsTypes of EffectsToxic effects begins during interactions between toxicantsbiomolecules Negative effects o Narcosis Membrane damage o Biochemical toxicity Enzyme inhibition Ribosome no protein DNAP no DNA synthesis o ROS Oxidative stress through radical production o Endocrine toxicity Mimic hormones o Genotoxicity Mutation InitiateStop replication Cancerogenic ProtectivePositive effectstoxicity through adaptation o Detoxification Defense against chemical DegradationExcretion Multicellular organisms o Acclimation Defense against effects of chemical Defense responsesVariable effectsDepending on the organism chemical dosemodifying factorsNegative and Positive Effects of Contaminants on a Chemical Class BasisNegative Impacts of Metals o Dose dependent All metals are toxic in excess o Metal dependent Metabolic vs nonmetabolic valencies mono M di M mechanisms of actiondifferent toxicity levels class A vs class B o Environment dependent chelation Soil Bioavailability vs Aquatic BioavailabilityClasses of Metals o Metabolism Relevant Essential Fe Ca Zn Se Cu Co Mg MnNonessential Pb Cd Ti Hg NiSilver
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