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Lecture 3

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BIOL 354
Bruce Greenberg

Melting Point Thermal Equilibrium Equilibrium The Acid Dissociation Vapor Pressure (P) Henry’s Law Octanol Water Partition Organic Carbon, Lipid- Water Parition Partition Constant Ka Constant, H: Constant, Kow Water Partition Coefficient, KFW coefficient (air to Coefficients, Kp Bio concentration water) (soil/water partition Factor coefficient) -the -Oth Law: When -the partition Ka also known as the acid -the vapor pressure is Henry's Law: the -Kow = measure of -soild/water partition -partition coefficients temperature at bodies are at thermal coefficient(K) is ionization constant, is the the solubility of a pure principle that the hydrophobicity, the tendency of coefficient: between fish and which a common equilibrium, there is the ration of the quantitative measure of the solute in air, the amount of a gas a chemical to hate or partition water are similar to compound not net flow in either concentrations strength of an acid in maximum partial dissolved at out of water Kow coverts from a direction, their in two phases at solution pressure the solute can equilibrium in a given -the chemical will always liquid temperatures are equilibrium -it is the equilibrium achieve in the air quantity of a liquid at diffuse from higher chemical ( ) KFW(BCF)= 0.048 a particular - it is important equal constant for a chemical phase under selected temperature is potential (u) to low potential Kow; based on because it is -1st Law of Partition reaction known as conditions proportional to the until they are equal It can be made empricical data related to how Thermodynamics: Coefficient for dissociation in the context pressure of the gas in dimensionless by chemicals -conservation of Air to Water: of acid base reactions in - at equilibrium the partition fish are 5% lipid, contact with the multiplying by soil volatize in the energy, energy can aqueous solution liquid coefficient between octanol density (2.5kg/L) octanol is a good environment be destroyed or -written in molL and water is: substitute for lipid -temperature created, can be PV= nRT Organic chemicals and pressure are redistributed [ ][ ] -P=pressure nd =R= universal gas partition into the important, -2 Law of [ ] constant(8.314 Pa -p ; partial pressure organic components however in the Thermodynamics: in air of soils, sediments, environment the -systems will always -it is generally expressed as m3/mol K) and not the inorganic pressure seek to minimize the a logarithm of its reciprocal -T= temperature -Cw; concentration in NOTE: water a) High Kow; lipophilic, component (rock) fluctuation is free energy, take the (pKa) hydrophobic, non polar soil differs minor lowest energy state b)Low Kow, lipophobic, considerably in (at low composition and
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