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Lecture 24

BIOL 355 Lecture 24: Lecture 24

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BIOL 355
Dr.Cheryl Duxbury

Lecture 24 Vitamin E supplements might make heart disease worse: study People take vitamin E thinking it will make them live longer But it doesnt work and it can interfere with statin drugs Most multivitamins contain 35 to 40 units of vitamin E which might be slightly beneficial Experts say that perhaps antioxidants work when only in food or that people who eat vitaminrich food have a lower risk of heart disease because they take better care of themselves overall Vitamin C: (ascorbic acid) water soluble reducing agent decrease risk of cancer, heart disease and cataracts 1000 mgday ( reg. dosage 60 mg) Bcarotene: (carotenoid) precursor of Vitamin. A low serum levels of Bcarotene associated with increase risk cancer (esp. lungs, pancreas, stomach) very promising now for chemoprevention of cancers 1996 study showed that there was an increased incidence of lung cancer among smokers taking Bcarotene this was from supplements and not from natural sources In addition, long term inadequate intake of carotenoids is associated with chronic disease, including heart disease and various cancers. One important mechanism for this carotenoiddisease relationship appears to be free radicals. Diets low in betacarotene and carotenoids can increase the bodys susceptibility to damage from free radicals. As a result, over the long term, beta carotenoids deficient diets may increase tissue damage from free radical activity and increase risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and cancers Selenium Once though harmful It offers protections against cancer, stimulating immune system and having anti inflammatory properties Rats fed selenium are protected against cancers while when deprived of selenium along with vitamin E show high incidence of early cancers Human patients with cancer have low levels of selenium Low selenium levels has also been linked with increased CV disease Most people get enough selenium in diet ( 100150 ugL) but if levels are lower than 50 ugL in body then supplements are good
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