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University of Waterloo
BIOL 359
Jonathan Witt

Biol 359 Words of the Day Recondite - Understood only by experts, require detailed or specialized knowledge to understand - Deal w/ difficult material to difficult to understand w/o specialized knowledge Incredulous - Unwilling to believe or unconvinced by something - Showing or characterized by disbelief Vernacular - Every day or ordinary use of word Indolent - Lazy, lethargic not showing interest or making any effort Boor - Rude, obnoxious, ill-mannered, crass person Stultify - To diminish somebody’s interest and liveliness of mind by being repetitive, tedious, and boring Iconoclast - Somebody who challenges traditional beliefs, customs, values or goes against established practice Salubrious - Good for or beneficial to one’s health Nihilist - Someone who believes nothing is worthwhile, life Is pointless, all human values are worthless, completely disregard established social conventions, rules, and beliefs Histrionics - Overdone emotion, exaggerated overdramatic behaviour done for show or reaction Hyperbole - Obvious and deliberate exaggeration for attention Melodrama - Exaggerated behaviour or emotional display Lurid - Sickening, horrifying or shocking sensation - Sensational with graphic details of horror, devastation, violence Desultory - Pointlessly, aimlessly passing from one thing or place to another - Random happening in a random or disorganized to unmethodical way Sanctimonious - Holier than thou – make an exaggerated how or greatness or moral superiority Hackneyed - Ordinary, dull and unimaginative - Something that is commonplace and stale from overuse Impecunious - Poor, having little or no money Purulent - Relating to pus, containing or exuding 1 Biol 359 Words of the Day pus Inveterate - Habitual: fixed in habit or practice or firmly established and of long standing Venerable - Highly respected and revered Magnanimous - Noble-spirited: generous, kind and forgiving (magnanimously) Imprecate - Curse: to put something or somebody down, to call harm on something or someone (imprecator, imprecation, imprecatory) ZOSTEROPS LATERALIS - KNOW THIS NAME Extirpate - Localized extinction of population 2 Biol 359 Words of the Day Presuppose Believe is truth before any evid
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