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Lecture 9

BIOL359 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Cerebral Palsy, Inverse Psoriasis, Acetylcholine

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Jonathan Witt

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Here are some applications of Botox.
The most commonly known use of botox is aesthetics.
Botulinum (bochulinun) toxin A can reduce Forehead lines, frown lines, “crows feet”
and neck lines. It relax the action of the underlying muscles and minimize the resulting
lines on the skin. This picture shows the areas where the botox is injected the doses of
botox that could be used.
Botox is also used for medicinal purposes and it has become huge area of toxin
inverse psoriasis (SORIASIS) is Red, itchy scaly patches found on folding areas of the skin
(eg. Armpits, groin).
Botox works by stopping communication between the motor neurons and the pain
Also it can help to reduce chronic migraines by inhibiting the release of the peripheral
neurotransmitter, acetlcholine.
It is injected in key areas of the head and neck every 12 weeks.
Also, Cerebral palsy is a Condition with impaired motor skills and movement.
Symptoms include difficulty in everyday movement and speech.
The principle is to inject botox to relax tense or spastic muscles by blocking
Acetylcholine release which stimulates muscle contraction.
Furthermore, Botox has become a huge area of research on toxin research. Type A botulinum
toxin has widened its clinical range of applications, but the risk of developing antibodies limits
the repeated use of high-dose injection.
As with the injection of any medication, your body's immune system can develop antibodies to
the medication, this makes the drug less effective or possibly cause development of an allergy to
the drug. The more frequently and higher quantity of the drug is injected, the higher the risk for
these antibodies to be formed against the drug.
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