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Lecture 1

BIOL359 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Population Genetics, Theodosius Dobzhansky, Erasmus Darwin

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Jonathan Witt

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BIOL 359 Topic 1 January 5, 2018
Evolution before Darwin:
- Evolutionary biology begins in 1859 when OOS was published
- Darwin was not the one that came up with evolution, but instead, he was the one that
provided the mechanism for how evolution works
- Previous to this:
Anaximander believed that all organisms came from water
Empedocles theorized that body parts were connected at random to create
Plato developed the concept of idealism, which is the notion of the perfect
unseen world
Aristotle, he built on the concept from Plate, which was where he came up with
fixed essence, which are templates for all species. These species and templates
can be arranged into Scala Naturae, which is the scale of nature, from least
perfect to most perfect.
o Further, Christianity expanded on this and the Great Chain of Being,
which is basically the pyramid of life, and that God created us based on a
plan, or a blue print
o Suh eliefs ere the ost doiat durig the Dari’s tie
Linnaeus: The father of taxonomy:
- Established the framework for modern classification in System Naturae as the means to
disoer the God’s patter to reatig, this asially just reated a syste to diided
different species into groups
Jean B. Lamarck:
- Noted that species change over time into new species, but his idea of how this
happeed as differet fro Dari’s
- Proposed the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics the general idea was that the
things that are not used by the species are not passed on to offspring
Erasmus Darwin:
- Dari’s grandfather
- He was the one the proposed that species we see are descendants from previous
Georges Cuvier:
- Father of catastrophism
- Catastrophism is a belief that the forces from the great catastrophes modeled the
features of the Earth, these forces are no longer operating today
- This concept is important to early geology but not to the evolution
James Hutton:
- father of Principle of Uniformitarianism
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