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BIOL 359
Jonathan Witt

Great Transformations and extinction • Evolution shows we are so connected to all the animals • Everything alive has evolved from single starting point • Land mammalsseat creatures… before that fish colonized land • GREAT TRANSFORMATIONS: • Compared to age of eath we as humans have just arrived • If the earth was an hour first 15min is just microbes and some form of life came in th the last 10 min and evolution and everything just came in the last 100 of the second of the last hour is • walves are different from all other mammasl • mammals appears 200million years ago o wales and dolphins are mammals to that live in the water but mammals evolved on land so how did walves originally evolved? By understanding how that happen we can see how these big jumps and transformations happen o wales origin is a mystery o they have complicated brains o so they are like alter egos of us who are dominating the seas while we dominate the land o found a fossil in Pakistan ; back of a skull that had good ear region.. shape was familiar and something like never seen before  similar in size of back of skull of wolf  but on under side there was a walnut bump (part of inner ear) this shape is only found in wales  so what was the wale feature doing on a skull of something that looked like an animal  wales evolved from land mammals? Hmmm.. o need transitional form fossils for the wales o sabara dessert: used to be a sea (mediattarian sea) but now sand (valley of wales)  scattered across land is wale skeletons  wale valley once a lagoon hiden from open sea and maybe wales birthered their young here and came here to die  nearly all the skeleton belonged to wale known as beslaosrious (lived full time in water) • must have became water mammals before this species?  But happened to find something modern wales have lost: • Wales have leg bones- pelvis, knee cap, and toes (complete set of leg bones) –walves was once 4 legged animal  Earliest ancestor of walves was this wolf like creature: synonix • Front legs became fins • Back legs disspeared • Lost fur  Andotetious, lotocedious, durodon as well as beslaosrious all transitional forms  As walves adapted to beathing in water nostrils went to the top? • Ancestory also visible in the way they move not just in the bones o Walves look like fish but don’t swim like them o Undulated spine up and down same way land mammals use their spine when running • Land mammals also a product of transformation o All distant ancestors lived on water so live in water to land transition o Their decscnendated evolved to reptiles, birds and mammals o All are tetrapods (4 limb) o What was the common ancestor? o Fossils of shoulder bone not from fish but a tetrapod shoulder over 3million years old  First evidence for early tetrapods  Found in stream bed so probably lived in water with limbs  So tetrapods had the limbs first and then left the water maybe  It was thought that fish came out of water and then developed the fins but the fossils are something that the limbs came first  Found a array of bones at the end of the limb which was a hand  Creature agantagaza had a fish like tail and gills for breathing in water but ends of arms were pedaled shaped possibly first hands on earth, swimming creature but maybe could have came out of water but not able to walk it only had fingers
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