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BIOL 359
Vivian Dayeh

Biology of Human agingGerontologystudy of the aging processGeron is old manGeras is old ageGeriatrics oDeals with medical care and treatment of the elderlyThree main academic areas contributing to Gerontology BiologicaloConcerned with longevityoHowwhy and why body changes with ageSocialoConcerned with social roles and expectationsoBirths deaths retirementPsychologicaloConcerned with adaptive capabilities eg MemoryoBehaviorattitudes motivation and emotionThey are all connected Gaining a disability biologicalsocial life decreases social loss of social life leads to depression psychologicalGerontology is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fieldHolistic approach to agingSocial biological psychological environmental cultural spiritualoCannot change the chronological aging but the factors can be changedBio gerontology biology of aging Normal age related changedoLooks at physical changes in body structure that occurs with increased agIncluding appearanceWrinkles grey hair shorter heightFunctional capacity Extreme changes to cell or tissues contributing to functions of organs and overall appearanceAbnormal age related changesoThe biological changes can lead to but not part of functional restrictions and impairmentsoAbnormal age related changes are related to geriatricsNormal changebone loss abnormal change isosteochondrosisSome people can delay physical impairment but also experience normal aging changesDefining agingChronological ageoAge based on only time not biology or functionoArbitrary what time period which you livedoRelative where you are in own lifespanoSubjective tremendous amount of variation in how individuals ageBiological ageoBased on the persons functional capacityoFunctional capacityDirect measureof the ability of our cells tissues and organs to function properly or optimallyDifferent ONSETeveryone has a different time where their functional capacity rate decreasesDifferent Ratesthe rate of certain structures are different between personsDifferent ExtentHow long a person can lastInfluences of agingIntrinsic factors internal
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