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BIOL 359
Jonathan Witt

The number of births is higher than deathsIts getting crowded on this earth in terms of human populationNov 24 1859origin of species1844Darwin completed a draft of Origin of SpeciesHe didnt publish it until 15 years later because he know it would result in personal attackshe also worried about how others would use his theory of evolution to justify their own statusSocial Darwinism has been used repeatedly to justify ones ethnic groups abuse or domination of another if you are not making huge amounts of money its bc youre inferiorsuch attitudes involve incorrect assumptions about human evolutionThomas Henry Huxley arguing for evolution debated the Origin of Species with Bishop Samuel Wiberforce arguing against evolutionHuxley wonWilberforce asked him if he was descended from the apes on his grandmather or grandfathers side Id rather be descended from the apes than as absent minded as you areThere is only 1 species in our genus3 kinds of mammals 5500 speciesmonotremesegglayingmarsupialspouch maturing embryo is released into the environment at a very immature stageplacental mammalsspecialized embryonic organ attached to the wall of the uterus allows gas and nutrient exchange between the mother and developing fetus until the fetus is ready for delivery4 main groups phylads of EutheriaAfrotheriaXenarthraEurchontoglireswe are in thisLaurasiatheriaPrimates and People Important DatesPrimates are one of many groups belonging to the Euarchontoglires mid Cretaceous 9080 myagreat apes appear in the fossil record about 20 myadiff between primitive great ape vs monkeygreat apes have a really short tailcharacteristics of primatesopposable thumbs and toes stereoscopic vision very good depth perceptionHominids appear between 58 mya this group includes usthe genus Homo is only about 2 myamodern humans appear in the fossil record about 195000 ybp EthiopiaLumpers vs Splitterslumpers like fewer categories or species with lots of variation in themsplitters like smaller categories that are more morphologically distinct and easier to definetaxonomists fall somewhere on the continuum from extreme lumpers to extreme splittersthis means that there are different opinions on how many species genera and families of great apes should be recognizedthis makes reading about human evolution confusing same name but different applicationChanges in the number of taxapre1965 there were far fewer fossils known but many of them were placed into different species in different generasplitters were active
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