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BIOL 442
Christine Dupont

Set 1IntroductionWhat is a virusSmall filterableGenome nucleic acid encased in proteinA piece of bad news wrapped in proteinInfect cells replicate nonliving genetic parasitesMimivirus mimic virus 2002Mimics bacterium in sizeObserved in a Gram stain and thought to be a Gram bacteriumMost viruses are in the range of 10100 nmMimivirus390 nm bigger than some bacteriaSame for DNA genome 1181549 bp herpes 150000 bp1000 genes Ecoli 4300 Mycoplasma 400Does not pass through a filterCouldnt find any bacterial genesDont know what it does yet but Abs against it have been found in pneumonia patients also patients with rhuematoid arthritis Has a collagenmimic molecule on its surface2008 Mamavirus even biggerSize 440nm est 1023 genesGenome 1191693 bp DNAAmobea host2010 even bigger cousin MegavirusSize 440 n est 1120 genesGenome 1259197 bp DNAAmobea hostBacteriophage on cell surfaceHistoryFirst discovery of virus particle 1892 Ivanoski RussianTobacco mosaic virusNew Section 1 Page 1
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