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Lecture 3

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Christine Dupont

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Set 3 AttachmentVirus Classification and TaxonomyBaltimore Classification based on transcription strategyClassical System based on structureA universal system for classifying viruses and unified taxonomy has been established by the International Committee on Taxonomy of VirusesMost important criteria areDNA or RNACapsid symmetryEnveloped or notStructure of genomeUses a series of ranked taxonsOrder virales the highest currently recognizedThen family viridae 73Subfamily virinaeGenus virus 287Species eg Tobacco mosaic virus 1950 so farStrain or typeAlso satellites viroids and prionsFor example the Ebola virus isolated from Kikwit is classified asOrder MononegaviralesFamily FiloviridaeGenus FilovirusSpecies Ebola virus ZaireMany virus families are not exclusive to a single host range as are bacteriophage familiesNucleic Acid then Capsid SymmetryFor vertebrate viruses onlyAll helical viruses are RNA none are DNA and are envelopedOf helicals only corona and roni are ssRNA rest are ssRNAAll dsRNA and ssRNA viruses except corona and roni are icosahedralAll vertebrate DNA viruses are icosahedral except for Pox complexNone are helicalThe genome architecture commonly used to classify viruses aressDNA virusesdsDNA viruses ssRNA viruses dsRNA viruses ssRNA virusesdsRNA virusesRNA Reverse Transcribing VirusesDNA Reverse Transcribing VirusesSubviral particles New Section 1 Page 1
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