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Lecture 7

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BIOL 442
Christine Dupont

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Set 7 SubviralsGenetic diversity in RNA virusesRNA virus populations frequently display great diversityFor a given RNA virus species the genome sequences cluster around a consensus or average sequence but every genome can be different from every other Term quasispeciesCausesMisincorporation of nucleotides1RNAdependent RNA and DNA polymerases do not have proofreading ability6Error frequencies can be as high as 1 in 103 or 104 compared to DNAdependent polymerases which are 1 in 10or lowerMutant RNAs produced at every infectionSegment reassortment2Exchange of entire segment between genetically related molecules Reassortment eg influenza reovirusesRecombination 3Exchange of blocks of nucleotide sequences among genomic molecules within a single virus speciesTemplate switching Some require substantial base pair homology other use base pairingindependent mechanism influenced by secondary structures Template switchingSARScoV severe acute respiratory syndrom coronavirusCoronaviridaeErrorprone RNA polymerase leads to quasispecies virions being producedEg 2 different genomes isolated Hong Kong GuangdongRNA sequence shows SARSCoV virus is a mosaic with at least 2 evolutionary historiesPolgene is mammalianlike but M and N are avianlikeNot due to reassortment as genome is unimolecularSgeneBeginning is mammalian specifically bat and end is avianTemplate switchBatsEbolaHendraMarburgRabiesNipah1116 species of bats thats 25 of all species of mammalsAssuming viral burden is average for any group of mammals thats A LOT of virusesPlus they have HUGE intimate communities for spread and maintenance of viruses New Section 1 Page 1
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