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Lec 1: Wetlands: Oxford dictionary def. Scientific def. International def An area of land that is usually land areas where the land peatland or mineral wetland surrounded with water, often a surface is saturated for most natural or artificial marsh or swamp of the year water static or flowing  saturated long enough to produce hydric soils fresh, breakish, or salt water support specialized biota marine water at low tide not community adapted to more than 6m hydrophytic conditions  Purpose of Classification: o Standard terminology o Provides framework for defining and recognizing wetlands o Provides common terms/standards for wetland inventories, mapping, and zones. o Is a system available for legislative, scientific, conservative and management purposes.  Canadian: Hierarchy: A) Wetland Class: general wetland characterisitcs. Classes: BOG,FEN, Marshes, Shallow water, swamp B) Wetland Form: surface pattern, soil/water type C) Wetland Type: veg physiognomy Wetlands are hard to classify due to: physical setting, hydrology, geochemistry, and Biota TWO WETLAND TYPES/ 5 Classes Mineral Wetlands: Organic Wetlands: excess wa
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