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BIOL 462
Barry Warner

BIOL462 Lecture 7 Wetland technology for wastewater treatment and water quality improvementPart 1 DefinitionsEcological engineering ecotechnology design of sustainable natural and artificial ecosystems that integrate human society with its natural environment for the benefit of bothTheoretical ecology evolutionary systems populationsApplied ecology monitoringassessing environmental impacts managing natural resources Ecological engineering is NOT THE SAME as environmental engineeringoEnvironmental engineering usually involves energy and resource intensive operations in addition to pollution controlBiotechnology genetic manipulation to create new straingsspecies for specific functions used in ecotechnologyPhytoremediation use of plants to remove toxic substances from contaminated soilswaterEcohydrology combination of ecologicalhydrological principles for environmental managementFour main categories of ecotechnology applicationsoEcosystems used to reducesolve pollution that is harmful to other ecosystems egopen water wetlands for diffusing pollutionoEcosystems imitatedcopied to reducesolve problems eg root zone method wetlandsoEcosystems used for site recovery after major disturbance eg surface mine restorationoExisting ecosystems carefully modified to solve problems eg biomanipulationConcepts of ecological engineering oSelfdesign species shifts and food chain reorganization in ecosystems adapting to humaninduced or natural changesoSustainable ecosystems should sustain itself through selfdesign independent of nonrenewable energyoEcosystem conservation ecological engineering provides greater justification to conserve natural ecosystems eg flood control wetlandsoSystems approach works with whole ecosystems for experimental testingmodelling and costbenefit analysis Traditional engineering seeks efficiency stability durability rely on nonrenewable energy unconcerned with pollutionEcological engineering persistent on function accepts change max use of renewable energy minimize pollution Wetland ecotechnology habitat wetlands wastewater water quality wetlands flood control wetlands aquaculture wetlands foodfiber productionPart 2 Background and HistoryWetland technology as a biological treatment method Seidel and Planck in Germany 1950soInvestigated ability of macrophytes to grow in polluted waters birth of wetlands197180s natural wetlands in USA
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