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University of Waterloo
Carey Bissonnette

Experiment Procedure Summary 1: Synthesis ofAcetaminophen • Sign out from storeroom o 1 50 mL round bottom flask o 500 mL vacuum flask o Buchner Funnel o Powder Funnel • Pick up from the side bench o 1 metal rod o Utility clamp o Filter paper Using a hot-plate, set up a water bath using a 250mL of deionized water in a 400 mL beaker. The reaction mixture will be heated in a water bath at 65-75 degrees, monitor the temperature. Find a setting on hot-plate to maintain the water bath Weigh 3.0 g (top loading balance) of p-aminophenol into a clean, dry 50 mL beaker. Record the actual mass used on your data sheet. Using a powder funnel, add the p-aminophenol to the 50mL round bottom flask. Measure 10mL of water using the 25mL graduated cylinder When the water bath has reached the desired temperature range, attach a utility clamp to the neck of the round bottom flask, and clamp it in place in the water bath Heat the mixture in the water bath for 5 minutes while stirring continuously with a glass rod. Some p-aminophenol will dissolve at this time, the rest will dissolve upon the addition of acetic anhydride In the fume hood, measure 4 mL of pure acetic anhydride with dry 10 mL graduated cylinder. Then pour the acetic anhydride into the round bottom flask. Continue heating and stirring the reaction mixture for 5 more minutes Remove the round bottom flask from the heated water bath and continue to mix the reaction at room temperature for 10 more minutes. Cool the flask in an ice-water bath for 15 minutes: mix ice and water in 600mL beaker If the product does not precipitate after 10 minutes, scratch the bottom of the flask
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