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Carey Bissonnette

PHYS 111 Anshuni Shah Week 2 Summary 2D Kinematics • concept described by 2D vectors for position and velocity • each 2D vector is further divided into 2 orthogonal components (horizontal - x & vertical - y) • the components are used to describe motion that is independent of one another (related by time) and conforms to 1D kinematics • meaning each component has its individual corresponding values for velocity, distance and acceleration, however both components share a common time Projectile Motion • motion used to describe objects that are thrown and follow a path determined by the acceleration due to gravity • also contain two components, x and y, which are solely related by time • there are many assumptions associated with projectile motion: o neglect air resistance o acceleration due to gravity is constant (9.81m/s ) o Earth's rotation is ignored • here is an image of a typical diagram involved while solving a projectile motion problem: • example problem with solution: PHYS 111 Anshuni Shah Relative Motion • motion when the laws of physics for being at rest on Earth, apply to any reference frame moving at a constant velocity with respect to Earth • consider the following example, people in motion in 1D: o a runner running at 5m/s o a cyclist (Bill)
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