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Richard Ennis

ATOMIC THEORIES 31 EARLY HISTOORY OF ATOMIC THEORIES CREATING THE DALTON ATOMIC THEORY 1805Key experimental work Theoretical explanation Atomic theory Law of definite composition Each atom has a particular Matter is composed of elements combine in a combining capacityindestructible indivisible atoms characteristic mass ratio which are identical for one element but different from other elementsLaw of multiple proportions there Some atoms have more than one may be more than one mass combining capacity ratio Law of conservation of mass Atoms are neither created nor total mass remains destroyed constant in a chemical reaction THE THOMSON ATOMIC MODEL Experiments with cathode raysdiscovered electron charge measured by Robert MillikanModel of the atom 1897 was a hypothesis that electrons negative particles are embedded in a positive sphere Think raisin bun CREATING THE THOMSON ATOMIC THEORY 1897 Key experimental work Theoretical explanation Atomic theory Arrhenius the electrical nature of Atoms may gain or lose electrons Matter is composed of atoms that chemical solutions to form ions in solution contain electrons embedded in a positive material the kind of element is characterized by the Faraday quantitative work with Particular atoms and ions gain or number of electrons in the atom electricity and solutionslose a specific number of electrons Crookes qualitative studies of Electricity is composed of cathode rays negatively charged particles Cindy Shen 1Page
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