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University of Waterloo
Classical Studies
CLAS 104
Ronald Kroeker

CLAS 104 -2 - CHAPTER 3 May 8, 2012 CREATION OF GODS I. Variety of Accounts A. Philosophical  Natural Philosophers (6 -5 B.C.) – give a natural instead of mythological explanation of the world; E.g.: Thales – everything is made of water  Epicureans (Ca 300 BC) – kind of atheistic in a way that they said there are no divine God or Mind behind the world’s creation; World is created through a cosmo ship o Homer: Oceanus (the river that surrounds the whole world) and Tethys o Ovid: eclectic – Ovid is the most important Roman source of Grece-Roman mythology II. HESIOD’S ACCOUNT – the standard among Greek writing; * 2 works: 1. Theogony – comes from greek word meaning, the creation of the Gods; 2. Works and Days A. Background Issues  Inspiration: the muses (Goddesses who gave poetic inspiration): the truth? In contrast to other versions? Divine insight into reality  Purpose: a.) Origins b.) praise gods, esp. Zeus c.) Justify political realities SERACH THE ONES ABOVE!!! (Background Issues) B. Account of Creation  Primeval elements: (gods) chaos (a gap or emptiness), earth (gaia/ge), tartarus (under world), eros (a god who represents a particular force such as sexual desire) o Priority of Chaos??  1st generation of Gods: Earth and heaven (Gaia and Ouranos); o Asexually, Gaia produces Heaven, mountains and Sea (pontos); First, he produces Ouranos who becomes his mate o Sexually, Gaia (with Ouranos) produces 12 Titans (12 titans are 6 males and 6 females, they are the first fully Anthromorphic Gods in other words, God that look like humans), Cyclopes (3 Cyclopes) , Hecatonchires (Hundred-Handers; giant powerful figures)  2 Generation of Gods: Dominated by the Titans
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