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Lecture 6

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Classical Studies
CLAS 104
Ronald Kroeker

LECTURE 6 CLAS 104 JUNE 19 2012APOLLO twins with ArtemisZeus and Leto CHAPTER 11IAttributes bow and lyre aHe likes stringed thingshe holds a Lyre looks like a harpIICharacteraProphecy Truth yet mysterious eg Cassandra iPeople in the ancient world whenever they wanted to know something they couldnt know from natural knowledge they went to Apollo at Dephi oracleiiNot only is Apollo is god of truth also mysteriousthe answer is mysteriousalthough Apollo reveals the truth to them he is never wrong but people misconstrue what he says because he speaks ambigulously iiiCassandraTrojan princess whom Apollo loved he wanted her to be his girlfriend so he gave her the gift of prophecynever failing true prophecygave one last kiss Apollo spat in her mouth and cursed her to always speak the truth but no one believes her 1People who speak the truth are those who are never believedbGod of Music and Poetry yet destructive eg MarsyasiThe Lyre inspires rational and good thoughtsthings like the flutes and things that Dionysus has arent as rational high stuff 1Muses 2Poets will appeal to Apollo as a Muse instead of to the musesiiHe is a high culture god but sometimes he kills children with Artemis which is very destructive iiiMarsyaschallenges Apollo to music contestMarsyas loses the contestthe deal was the winner could decide what he wants to do with the other person1Apollo decides to peel the skin off someone when they are alive and kills MarsyascGod of Healing and plagues eg AsclepiusiBecame very popular to pray to Apollos son Asclepius who had his fathers healingiiApollo had a love affair with Cronus and he shot her because she cheated he pulled the baby out of her womb who was Asclepius who became a great healer himselfdIdeal of Beauty and Culture for the Romans But cf Daphne Marpessa HycinthusiApollo embodies Greek ideals of beauty and culture the closestiiDaphne was also a nemph Apollo could not have DaphneDaphne changed into a tree to avoid ApolloiiiMarpessashe chose a mortal instead of ApolloivHycinthushe was Apollos boyfriend but was very unfortunate1Although Apollo is the ideal of beauty and culture he is not lucky in love IIIShrines NB Foundation storiesknow the shrines aDelosiThe story of Delosin the Chapter of Artemis iiHe was supposedly born on DelosiiiOnly shrine for Apollo and ArtemisbDelphiiHe established after he grew upHERMES MERCURY CHAPTER 12IAttributes travellers cap petasus heralds wand caduceus winged boots talariaaTravelers cap because he travels a lot bHe has a heralds wand because he is generally a spokesperson for Zeuswand gives him authority to speak for the gods especially for ZeuscWindged bootsbecause he moves fastIICharacteraEssence Mobility and Mental Agility bRealmsiDivine MessengeriiGod of Thieves Tricksters Merchants1He is often a trickster figure iiiGod of Boundaries as a divine messenger he is always mobile going places as the god of thieves he has mental mobility and often has to run god of boundaries because he often crosses boundaries
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