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Lecture 4

Clas 201: Lecture 4 Notes

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Classical Studies
CLAS 201
Nicholas Maes

 High degree of competition between all the city states (250) that are really close to each other in proximity  Democracy arises in the city states  Eupatrids dominate the Aeriopagus (most are Eupatrids)  Ekklesia – all citizens EXCEPT the hektemoroi arep art of the Ekkelsia o Hektemoroi are too poor to own land and therefore cannot serve in the army and cannot have a say in the government  Around 700, currency is introduced for the first time o Causes a tremendous amount of instability (having metals represent value)  Some people would give up their land to pay off debts (and by giving up their land as a collateral, they would lose their citizenship; some even gave up people as a collateral)  Over a period of 50-60 years, Athens and other city states were rattled by this  Tyrants (someone who seizes power unconstitutionally; takes over the state by force of arms) step in; different than dictator (given absolute power; not taken by force)!  Theognis of Megara o Poverty erodes a noble man most o Kill yourself rather than be poor o Wealth is blending everyone together o There is a new world of money involved and there is a new way of measuring people’s worth o People are getting into debt; land is being used as collateral for debt o Is there isn’t a large number of people that can afford to go to war, you have a city that will eventually die  Kylon (632 BCE) tried to overtake the state (a tyrant), but was unsuccessful  Draco (621 BCE)comes up with the 1 written law code for Athenians (they had an oral law, not a written law) o “Draconian” = excessively strict/rigid  Crimes were punishable by death  Very unsuccessful law code  Solon = elected into power o Problems caused by the introduction of currency o Money is at the root of this b/c it is cuasing the wealthy to throw the weigth o He redivides the population (according to the reality of wealth)  No longer Eupatric, Georgoi, o 3 classes:
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