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Lecture 6

Clas 201: Lecture 6 Notes

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Classical Studies
CLAS 201
Nicholas Maes

CHECK STUDY SHEET ONLINE  No possibility of gay marriage in ancient Greece (marriage is only for producing offspring)  Men having sexual relationships with minors (male ages 13-18) and took him under his wing  Plato – symposium (“a drinking together” – a tail end of supper only with men) o A number of famous people are sitting together: Alcibiades, Aristophanes, Socrates o Purpose is to discuss “what is the nature of love” (eros) o Homosexual relationship is idolized by plato at the symposium  Over time, sparta’s population increased (more than it could hold); Sparta didn’t want to see men to leave their territory to colonize elsewhere o They waged war on the macinians (gives Spartan people an “estate”) o Macinians are “feeding” Spartans (parasitic relationship) o Even in a totalitarian state, you have to have some form of democracy  Spartans are also part of something called the Peloponnesian league o Helot = slave (macinians) o League meet when Sparta calls it o If Spartans are defeated, they would have a massive rebellion on a part the macinians  Kyrios = lord o As soon as she becomes fertile, she becomes closely watched o Usually father or brother when she is growing up o Would be husband when married o Athenians: The only women you see circulating in public are young girls, prostitutes, slaves, and older women (women were usually kept behind doors; there were women’s quarters (Gunaikon) and men’s quarters (Andron)  In Sparta, property is not a big issue (they receive property from macinians; not worried about passing on estate) o Spartan women had a great deal of independence THE PERSIAN WAR  Casualties in the low 10,000s  Not going to go to war with any country that has made similar descisions  Democracies defeat tyrranies  Athens is going to come off as a big winner of these wars o No one thought of it as an imperialist power  War will lead to prosperity which leads to massive cultural development  Who is the source of the Persian wars? o Herodotus: his book is called “the Persian wars” o Trying to come up with the truth, rather than merely a good story o A man who is writing history in a way in which he is writing where he got the information from, etc. b/c he thinks its important and b/c he things this is how it really happened o When you look at the old testament, this is a jewish work of history o Barbarian = innocuous term meaning anyone who is “non-greek” o Herodotus understands that people are religious (the Greeks believe in gods) o He starts with the assumption that if something happens , humans are responsible o Many stores told before were legends (stories don’t make nay sesnd o Asians (near east; modern seria, modern turkey, modern Lebanon) vs Greece  There were always tensions between the 2 o Zeus rapes Io (Hera catches sight of him; she’s the wife of zeus)  Zeus sees her coming at a distance and tried to disguise Io as a cow  Hera sends her all around the world  Zeus takes Europa to crete and his son becomes king minos o Herodotus looks at this story and says its total nonsense (even though there was a Greek woman named Io, Zeus didn’t rape her and Hera didn’t make her into a cow) o REAL: Phonecians kidnap Io when Io sneaks on their ship o He is trying to turn fairy tales into real stories o There was an asian woman by the name of Europa, but she was not kidnapped by a god; Greeks decide to get revenge by going over to asia and kidnapping an asian woman o Golden fleece and argo are very big mThere was an asian woman by the name of Europa, but she was not kidnapped by a god; Greeks decide to get revenge by going over to asia and kidnapping an asian woman (Greek vs asian) o Golden fleece and argo are very big myths! o The Greeks weren’t satisfied by just kidnapping an asian woman, but they had to steal medea as well (Greek vs asian) o The asian paris comes over to the greek mainland where he helps himself to Helen (asian vs Greek) o REAL: paris did said to troy, help himself to Helen  How did the war between the Persians and Greeks actually arise? o Story starts with the population known as libians (NOT Persians) o Lydia is between area that Persians are going to take over, and ionia (group of city states) o Last of the kings of Lydia is Croesus (who also took over Ionia) o Allows Ionians to have their own way of life o Solon chooses Tellus of Athens over Croesus for a blessed life (even after all the bragging)  It’s what ynd’ve done with the eyes of the surrounding public  Who’s the 2 most blessed man? Solon chooses Biton & Cleobis (wrestlers that won an olympic wrestling competition and helped their mother out and WERE SEEN DOING SO); they’re mother then goes before the gods and tells the gods “look at what good sons I have; you should give them what mortals want most (a painless end); gods kill the 2”; they die in peace when they’re in their physical prime  Solon says be careful when you call yourself the most blessed man (people’s view of you can change at any moment)  Cyrus: head of Persians (in charg
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