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Classical Studies
CLAS 201
Nicholas Maes

CLAS 201 Lecture 1 NotesAncient GreeceBackground InformationComposed of small communitiesall of which were completely separate from each otherThere was no protection or authority from one community to anotherSmall country with a small population approximately 5000060000Mountainous 75 mountainous and 20 good agricultural landDifficult to farm and live off the land Few exports mainly olive oil and wineDespite their size they were responsible for so much in our modern age large intellectual outputthe Greek MiraclePoliticsFirst to study all of the variations people could govern and organize themselves intoStudied the advantages and drawbacks of each systemExamples democracy communism etcMany political terms stem from the GreekPhilosophyA Greek inventionStudied ethics and epistemologyAsked questions systematically about the universeExample what does the universe consist ofoDetermined that any given object and be divided into smaller parts until a point was reached in which they could not divide The term atomos later anglicized as atom was given to the smallest unit of the universe They often found themselves studying a variety of topicsArtObjective was to capture human essence in stoneThey were considerable far ahead in art than EgyptGreeks believed this world was the most important and disliked the idea of deathTheir passion for life is expressed as they tried to capture the essence of life in inanimate objects and make them visibleTheatreIn the time of the Ancient Greeks theatre was very bizarre and rare in the ancient world and was completely unheard of prior to thisExplored aspects of the human condition their plays transcended age and evokes true pity and pathos in audiencesoPerformers could criticize the audience with impunity Came up with the concept of comedy and tragedy
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