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CLAS 201
Nicholas Maes

CLAS 201 Lecture 2 NotesEvents prior to Mycenaean AgeIn 2000800 BCE IndoEuropeans invaded Greece and dominated the culture and populationGreek religion after the IndoEuropean invasion was composed of Olympian from IndoEuropeans and Chthonic from Minoan influencesTook about 400 years before a unified population emerged the MycenaeanWho were the MycenaeanWere the first people who were distinctly GreekDominated for about 400 years from 16001200 BCEA German archeologist named Heinrich Schliemann discovered remains in a city called MycenaeoThe people were called Mycenaean because Mycenae was the largest and most important cityThere were many city states in the Mycenaean age with each having their own local lordoDespite being separate they worked together and were connected had a set of rules spoke the same languageoSome of the centers included Mycenae Tiryns Argos Athens Thebes Orchomenus and PylosoAthens was the only city state to survive after the year 1200Mycenaean built citadels as opposed to palaces that were built by the MinoansoIt was adapted from the IndoEuropean form of architectureoThe citadels were described as Cyclopean ArchitectureNamed due to the sheer massiveness of the stones needed to build it the strength and skill needed to balance the stones without causing a collapse etcCyclops were strong and master craftsmenSame role as Minoan palaces resources were accumulated here and redistributedObeyed a form of hierarchy priests and political figures were higher than peasantsUnlike the Minoan palaces Mycenaean citadels were strongly fortified implying there was war between neighbours and the fact they were a very aggressive populationArtwork depicts war scenesEgypt speaks of thwarted invasion in OdysseyThe Mycenaean were a wealthy populationoThis was determined by examining how the dead were handledImportant figures were buried in shaft gravesRemains of gold death masks and general wealth were foundTholos Beehive or honeycomb graves for important figures and their various grave goods
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