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Classical Studies
CLAS 201
Nicholas Maes

CLAS 201 Lecture 4 NotesOnset of Dark AgeThe collapse of the Mycenae was the onset of the Dark Age 12001150 BCEIt was due to a number of different factors one of which was the Dorian invasionoThey move in they squeeze certain populations out of large parts of GreeceoOther causes may have been soil exhaustion earthquakes and overextension of recoursesGreece becomes depopulatedoPart of the old population is fleeing overseas to IoniaTrade relations begins to break downNot as much wealth aroundA number of these Mycenaean states begin to disappearWriting is lostHesiod represents the outlook of the Dark AgeoHe speaks of the Myth of Five AgesThe Iron Age is the last one and is the worstHe belonged to the Iron AgeThe other four are Gold Silver Bronze and HeroicArchaic AgestMarked as 776 BCE due to the 1 recorded Olympic games ended in 490The population begins to pick up againThe Greeks on the mainland are trading and communicating with people in IoniaThe populations in Ionia are in contact with various Eastern populations such as the PhoeniciansoMuch of the sophisticated practices are given to the Greeks in IoniaoThese practices are exported back to Greeks on the MainlandMetallurgy pottery art writing system and alphabetTwo very important developments of the Archaic Age are the polis city and hoplite warfare oAsynoecism a process that amalgamates a city and the villages around it the central area controls the villages around themThey become one political unitoAthens and the area around it is known as AtticaIf you live in one of these villages you are given protection from Athens you get to vote contribute to political structure but you must serve in the armyoEach city state is separate from its neighborHas its own customs laws and constitution and currencyTo be a member of one citystate meant not to be a part of the other so you may be mistreated if you left the boundaries of your city state
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